Mosaic Arabic Dance Network

MADN offers a wide range of services to its membership including performance opportunities at the very popular Performance Platforms.

There is a teacher and performer insurance scheme plus discounted entry to all the wonderful events that MADN sponsors on behalf of its members.

Mosaic Magazine

Mosaic Magazine is Britain's top oriental dance publication

Mosaic members receive the magazine three times a year (December, April and August) as part of their membership package.

About MADN

Mosaic Arabic Dance Network U.K was founded in 1993 by a group of dancers who wanted to raise the profile and standards of Arabic Dance in the U.K.

The Network has grown to be the most subscribed to Arabic Dance Network in Britain.

MADN U.K. has been successful in bringing together both amateur and professional followers of Arabic Dance from the U.K and abroad. We are proud to have introduced internationally known dancers and teachers to dancers and audiences here by sponsoring performances and workshops.

Mosaic Arabic Dance Network is a non-profit organisation

Our officers fulfill their obligations as volunteers, giving freely of their time to help promote our dance.

Most images on our website are by Alan Long and are copyright of MADN


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