Mosaic Support ‘Just Because’

Just Because Hoodie raising funds to help women with Breast Cancer in Egypt

Mosaic Arabic Dance Network support ‘Just Because’

Mosaic Support ‘Just Because’ There is no NHS in Egypt so this work is vital in supporting women who cannot afford treatment or diagnostic appointments for Breast Cancer!! 

Mosaic support charities that relate to our dance, like ‘Just Because’ which was set up to raise funds for Sara Farouk’s treatment and what funds were left went on to found the charity. ‘Just Because’ is rooted in Belly Dance and most of the supporters are dancers. ‘Just Because’ raise funds to champion awareness and cover treatment and aftercare for women with Breast Cancer. Recent support has gone to women in Egypt and the Maggie Charity in Cambridge, UK.

Special Mosaic Offer to Teachers if you buy 5 hoodies ‘Just Because’ can sell them to you for £10 each plus P+P now that’s a bargain!! Click here to buy and donate.




Just Because Registered charity number 1121496

Mosaic continue to support ‘Just Because’ a charity that works with BCFE Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt to raise awareness and funds for early detection, treatment, and after-care and to promote awareness of breast cancer in Egypt.

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Latest Gov guidelines for Belly dancers: see exercise

Latest guidelines for Belly Dancers, see exercise

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Mosaic Eid Party May 15th 7:30 pm 2021

Firstly, thank you for taking an interest in the online Mosaic Eid Hafla video. Secondly, if you would like to view this online Hafla, thank you!! So please contact us: chair@mosaicdancenetwork.org

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Why should I support Mosaic Arabic Dance Network? Well, because all proceeds go to supporting our members and the wider dance community. We help to promote history, culture, music and dance in its many forms and unique styles.

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Mosaic Eid party

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In Our Own Words

Mosaic interview with Yasmina

The image shows the title from the video of the documentary "In Our Own Words: The Cairo Dance Scene Explained" which is reviewed in Mosaic MagazineYasmina of Cairo and Belly Dancer Randa Kamel Picture to illustrate this Mosaic Post about 1. An interview with Yasmina of Cairo and 2.  "In Our Own Words: The Cairo Dance Scene Explained" Documentary

In Our Own Words: The Cairo Dance Scene Explained

In Our Own Words: The Cairo dance scene explained is reviewed in the upcoming Mosaic magazine. The magazine also includes an interview with Yasmina. Better known as Yasmina of Cairo or The English Rose of Cairo, this is an opportunity to gain some insight and hear first hand from this world-famous Belly Dancer. Within the upcoming magazine, you can read an exclusive Mosaic interview in which Yasmina talks of her Belly Dance journey. Don’t miss out Click here to subscribe to Mosaic!!

Included in the interview: Yasmina talks about her path to Belly Dance, challenges, business advice and living and working in Cairo. Furthermore, Yasmina is an astute businesswoman as well as a professional dancer. Helpfully Yasmina is also a professional photographer. Currently, she provides tailor-made Belly Dance tours to Cairo as well as one-to-one teaching. Find out more on her website: Yasminaofcairo.com

“In Our Own Words: The Cairo Belly Dance Scene Explained”

The second of two related topics that will be covered in the upcoming Mosaic magazine is a review of the new Documentary: “In Our Own Words: The Cairo Belly Dance Scene Explained.” For updates Follow Yasmina on FaceBook

This is a current documentary, so much so that it is still being filmed. It is a logical follow on from her previous work, the film; “Journey of Desire” which came out about 12 years ago.