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In this article, we will discover all about Mosaic Arabic Dance Network and where Mosaic history begins…

Firstly, when and where did Mosaic Arabic Dance Network begin?

Well here goes… in 1993 when there were no countrywide Haflas and performance platforms… MADN which later became the Mosaic Arabic Dance Network set out to change all this and promote Arabic and related dance.

From Egypt, North Africa, Turkey, and many countries around the Mediterranean basin came dances rooted in ancient times.

Then, for a group of lovers of Arabic dance, there was a desire to share dance from the Arabic world.

At last, it was in the early ’90s, when the dream was realized and the Midlands Arabic Dance Network was formed.

Finally the Midlands, later to become Mosaic Arabic Dance Network, (MADN),  was founded in 1993 by a group of dancers who wished to raise the profile of Arabic Dance.

From its humble beginnings, Mosaic Arabic Dance Network has grown to become one of the largest Arabic Dance Associations in the UK.

Mosaic Performance Platform Saiidi Stick Dancer

So let’s learn all about Mosaic Arabic Dance Network:  

Exploring the History of Mosaic: Since the 90’s Mosaic has been successful in bringing together both amateur and professional followers of Oriental Dance from all over the United Kingdom and abroad.

It was the first Oriental dance association to arrange performance platforms in the UK for professional and amateur alike giving all a chance to experience the stage.

But how can we measure the success of Mosaic Arabic Dance Network?

There was a time when coachloads would turn up for the AGM and the performance platforms. Times have changed and the dance emphasis with it. A mark of the Mosaic Arabic Dance Network success can be seen in the numerous Haflas that in recent years have been enjoyed in towns and cities across the UK. In the UK it all started in the Midlands…

Yes, it could be said we are a victim of our own success!

But on the contrary, we are celebrating, we have achieved our first goal by introducing performance platforms and promoting our dance form. Tick!

Furthermore, with fewer people travelling in recent years,  it has been an essential time for Mosaic to reassess the needs of the scene and its role in promoting our dance.

Similarly, our ethos to promote our dance genre remains the same, but as the world has changed with mobile phones, the internet and novel ways to communicate, so are we finding new ways to promote our dance.

Mosaic is ever-evolving

In conclusion, what better way than by focussing on its purpose, to promote Arabic and related dance according to the need of the time.

In addition, for the last few years, Mosaic has been asking its members, what are your needs now? So for all of our dance futures, we would love to hear from you!

What makes Mosaic Insurance unique for our members?

We provide insurance under our umbrella policy just for dancers, teachers and performers of our genre.

Each year we negotiate with our brokers to bring you the best deal we can muster. Our insurance is only valid with membership as cover is under our own policy.

This insurance covers our members for all props except fire such as a  candlelit chammadan. (An LED light is ok).

So sticks and veils, swords and all sorts are covered so we can, though of course we need to be careful! Dance with the reassurance of insurance cover.

Our dancers are covered to teach, to perform and for events.

All this is just £40 a year (for now!) Even our broker suggests this is too low… we rely on our member insurance subscriptions to keep this service available and cover our premium.

Over the years Mosaic has supported Health and safety and continued learning with top professionals.

For instance, Mosaic Safety Days, which we aim to bring back in a new form.

Furthermore, Mosaic provides learning opportunities with inspirational teachers from the very top of our art form and is committed to providing our members with rewarding learning and performance experiences suitable for dancers of all levels.

In the past we hosted top dancers at our performance platforms.

Right now we aim to support our member teachers by promoting their events.

For example, all members have a free line in the magazine each quarter to advertise events.

We aim to post more online

So look out on social media, on our website.

Similarly keep an eye out in the members area which is interactive.

Uniquely members can post events and share ideas in the members area as well as find exclusive discounts on educational support and workshops.

 Tell me more about Mosaic! What else does it do?

Well, Mosaic also work with our members and other organisations to deliver special offers on courses and educational courses online.

Members can check out the interactive  member only area, password from: or in Mosaic magazine.

What? A member only area?

Yes! The member area is still  an under utilised resource so check it out and let us know how we can improve this additional dimension to the website.

Mosaic also prints a quarterly magazine called… well… Mosaic!

You will find this is full of helpful, inspiring and colourful articles, many by our members.

Do you feel inspired to write? Give it a go and send it in to Mosaic!

Of course, we love pictures with articles, who doesn’t!

Mosaic is after all a gloriously colourful, sparkly, glossy magazine. We are proud of the quality of the publication and content which we rely on from you, our members… 

So what do we want for Christmas? Articles please!! Deadline Nov 1st!!!


Good question, what can Mosaic do for you? 

  • Firstly Mosaic can provide support to its members in the form of information and advertising.
  • Beyond the free advertising, our advertising rates for part or full page adverts are deliberately affordable.
  • Secondly we arrange specialized insurance tailor-made to our dance forms. Balancing Swords and Swinging Saidii Sticks covered!!
  • Thirdly we publish a gorgeous,  informative oriental dance magazine. This takes time and care, and a few anxious moments so we produce Mosaic, quarterly,  it is filled with all sorts of valuable, historical, musical, detailed, light hearted, interesting, glittery and shimmying Belly Dance and related articles.

The thing about Mosaic Arabic Dance Network is its ability to adapt… 

Mosaic is ever-evolving with the cycles of the world and we are here to support you in your dance life. We love to hear from you and are here to promote and support you and our dance family.

Shout out alert!! We have two Committee vacancies

 Get in touch if you want to join the team,  yes, don’t hesitate!

We would love to hear from you!

We have two vacancies on the committee, Insurance Coordinator and Minutes Secretary, if this sounds like you, email:

After that what more is there to say?

Well, what dance forms are supported by Mosaic Arabic Dance Network?

Simply put, Mosaic Promotes all Arabic, Folkloric, Raqs Sharqi (Raks Sharki), Maghreb, Oriental, Turkish, Tribal, Fusion and related dance forms

Mosaic Arabic Dance Network Performance Platform Oriental Dancer

Most importantly, we support amateur and professional Arabic Dance in its many forms, dances from elsewhere in North Africa and the Middle East including and not exclusively:



Raqs Sharqi








Fusion and so much more…

Group saiidi Stick Dancers MADN Event

Mosaic Provides

A Unique Teachers’ Insurance Scheme and Mosaic magazine

Mosaic is a vital network of information between Teachers, Group Leaders, Students, other groups in the UK, and dancers worldwide.

Mosaic Organizes

Mosaic Arabic Dance Network Performance Platform Group Dancers in colourful dresses

  1. Workshops with leading international teachers
  2. Performances by professional dancers
  3. Performance platforms for students and teachers
  4. Talks
  5. Haflas (Parties)
  6. Publishes useful teaching material

About Mosaic Arabic Dance Networks luxury magazine

Here are a few things you might no know about Mosaic Arabic Dance Network’s Magazine; Mosaic is Britain’s top Oriental Dance publication!

Furthermore it is a beautifully put together glossy magazine.

Our online version can be enlarged for ease of readability or even listened to as an audio version in its pdf form and if you need an alternative format, try us!