GDPR  Notice: MADN


This is to give you notice of GDPR compliance at MADN the new rules that came into effect MAY 25th 2018 enforce previous Data protection rules and include some changes.


Dear MADN members,

Thank you for your continued support.

This is a letter to keep you updated about GDPR many of the regulations regarding Data protection have already been in force for some time. Recently these laws became more stringent. We operate with the understanding that as members you have given us permission to use your data to manage your subscription and for membership related business.

We will never share your information with third parties, *with the exception of Insurance (see below).


At MADN we do all we can to ensure your data is safe and only shared on a need to know basis. We hold your information online on password protected computers. We share your information among the committee members as is deemed appropriate for the function of running the organisation smoothly.


Where hard copy is necessary this is kept in a secure place and will be destroyed securely after 8 years or as is appropriate.


Insurance is the only area that differs. Our Insurance team liaise with and share your insurance information with the insurance brokers as is necessary to enable us to provide you with insurance.


Our printer used to distribute the Mosaic magazine, we have decided to keep this in-house so distribution, once published, will be through MADN this removes the need to share your addresses with the publisher.


You can request to know all information we hold on you at any time and we will produce this.


We cannot print the teachers list online without consent. We have printed the list in Mosaic on this occasion, using the basis “legitimate interest” we would like to continue to print the teachers’ listings and for this we need your express permission. Please advise us for the future so we can continue to print your details in the magazine and on our website. *You must have current insurance cover to go on the list.


Where you have given MADN permission to use your image, you also have the right to withdraw consent.


You can opt out from any of the above at any time.

*Note: we will endeavour to inform you should changes to the above occur.

Please return answers to the questions for our records.

With thanks for taking the time to read and answer.




GDPR Permissions

By Post: Membership Secretary, c/o 3, Orchard Way, Wimblington, March, Cambs PE15 0QG


The questions can also be downloaded as a form Here


Please let us know the following:


If you would like your name to be on the teachers listings in Mosaic Magazine Yes/No


If you would like your name to be on the teachers listings on the website



If you would like your name to be on the useful links page



If you would like your name to be on the MADN BnB hub page



Any links you think would be of benefit to our members?



Do you want to be contacted by email/post/phone/all modes of contact mentioned

Yes/No  (provide details please)


Do you want to be kept informed of MADN updates and events? Yes/No


Should we have a newsletter, would you like to subscribe to it? Yes/NoAny other information you would like to share with us.


Are you happy to be contacted for marketing purposes?



Do you have fabulous things to share- such as events?

Feel free to post on our events page FaceBook

For the magazine:

For anything else


 Please keep us updated so we can share this in the magazine and online. Also do feel free to post on our events page on FaceBook and send info to for the website.

(Please include what information you want made publicly available ie phone, website url, address, *we do not encourage personal emails, phone numbers etc as this may open you up to phishing etc).



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