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Contact us at MADN Chair:  Rosemary Le Fevre:

Phone:  07949850322

Contact us at MADN for membership, insurance, magazine and advertising and to help us support you and our dance community.

 MADN  Editor/Advertising: For Rates and requirements contact; Liz Newman

MADN Online Membership: Enquiries Online; Fiona Sperryn

MADN Post Membership: Enquiries/ Paper Subscriptions; *Please send baacs rather than cheques if possible at the moment. For address enquiries: 

  Insurance: Vacancy due to other commitments please apply For subscription and enquiries; Rosemary Le Fevre

Events Coordinator: Christine Warwick

Website: Fiona Sperryn or Rosemary Le Fevre

Treasurer: Mary Daniels

Minutes Secretary: Vacancy due to retirement please apply