Contact us at Mosaic

Contact us at Mosaic Arabic Dance Network

Chair: Rosie Le Fevre:

Phone: 07949850322

Mosaic Editor/Advertising/membership:  Liz

Mosaic  Postal Membership:  Rosie 

Insurance: Post pending fulfillment

Social Media: Isadora

Events Coordinator: Mosaic Team

Website:  Rosie

Treasurer: Mary

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So, what do you need to contact us at Mosaic for?

Whether your enquiry is about membership, insurance, magazine, advertising or something else, we will endeavour to help. So tell us what you need to know.

Furthermore, please feel free to talk to us and share your ideas. Let us know how we can support you and our dance community.

Contact us at Mosaic with your stories and photos.

Just to keep you in the loop, our images are mainly Copyright of Mosaic Arabic Dance Network. Quite a few photos on the website are by Alan Long “The Event Photographer”. 

In addition, assorted images are shared by our members and individuals who submitted articles to Mosaic Magazine.

Members can share events on our social media and on the website.

Also, members can add one line about your events for free in the magazine/website.

So, please, contact us at Mosaic and send us information about your events and post them on our Facebook page : )

MADN Contact us: Raqs Sharqi at Performance Platform


And Finally…

  • Mosaic are supporting Teachers: Do you have an event or workshop you would like to teach?
  • We invite you to Socialize with Mosaic: Can you offer a chat, discussion, coffee morning on Facebook or zoom?
  • Learn with Mosaic: Are you looking for courses and classes to join?
  • Update your CPD with Mosaic: Free and subsidized courses available
  • Tell us what support you need: How can we support you in your dancing?
  • Do you have spare time to volunteer? Feel welcome to get in touch
  • Tell us if you see a need to raise awareness for our dance, its history, culture and music as well as international and local recognition?
  • Share new ways we can we work together. Let’s improve learning and raise the profile of our dance.
  • So do you want to be involved in our Arts Funding bid?
  • Above all jump on board, teach and learn with us!
  • In Conclusion, Contact us:

We look forward to supporting and hearing from you soon!!