History of MADN – Mosaic Arabic Dance Network – About the organization

MADN events for all

History of MADN or Mosaic Arabic Dance Network – About the organization

MADN events for all
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History of MADN or Mosaic Arabic Dance Network UK  was founded in 1993 by a group of dancers who wished to raise the profile of Arabic Dance. 

History of MADN or Mosaic Arabic Dance Network. From its humble beginnings, it has grown to become OnE OF the largest Arabic Dance associationS in the UK.

History of – MADN-Mosaic Arabic Dance Network  -About the organisation: History of MADN  from local to national and international, it has been successful in bringing together both amateur and professional followers of Oriental Dance from all over the United Kingdom and abroad.

Mosaic provides learning opportunities with inspirational teachers from the very top of our art form and is committed to providing our members with rewarding learning and performing experiences suitable for all levels of dancer.


What can MADN do for you?  MADN is ever-evolving with the cycles of the world and we are here to support you in your dance life. We love to hear from you and are here to promote and support you and our dance family.

MADN is run by a team of dedicated volunteers united by our love of Arabic dance in all its diversity.

Mosaic Promotes 

Amateur and Professional Arabic Dance in its many forms, dances from elsewhere in North Africa and the Middle East including and not exclusively:

Egyptian Oriental and Folk

Mosaic Provides

Teachers’ Insurance scheme.
A vital network of information between Teachers, Group Leaders, Students, other groups in the UK and dancers worldwide.

Mosaic Organizes

Workshops with leading international teachers
Performances by professional dancers
Performance platforms for students and teachers
Haflas (Parties)

Mosaic Publishes

Mosaic magazine – MADN’s Mosaic is Britain’s top Oriental Dance publication is a beautifully put together glossy magazine our online version can be enlarged for ease of readability or even listened to as an audio version in its pdf form.


MADN Remembers: