Membership/ Insurance/ Gdpr/ Mosaic form required

Firstly, we need the Membership/ Insurance/ Gdpr/ Mosaic form which is required when you join for GDPR and our records. .. So please sign, as appropriate for membership and insurance and always for gdpr. Find details on this page.


Mosaic Arabic Dance Network

Natwest Bank

Sort Code: 51-70-15

Account number: 78531721

3. PayPal: Mosaic Universal Online Membership £30:00

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Finally in order to join we need your Membership/ Insurance/ Gdpr/ Mosaic form

As a result of the Corona situation, we ask please don’t send cheques. Unless it is the only option for you. We may not be able to pay them in but will honour membership should this occur.**


*May 1st to April 30th whenever you Join/membership/insurance/madn

We welcome Bank Account Transfers :

For our Natwest Account: Sort Code 51 70 15 Account Number 78531721  * Note: Membership/Insurance/Gdpr form needed when you join Mosaic

1. Mosaic UK+Paper Magazine £32.00
2. Mosaic UK +Online Magazine £30.00
3. Paper UK+Insurance and Paper £98.00
4. Online UK+Insurance £98.00
5. International Paper £42.00
6. International Online £30.00

*Furthermore a Membership/Insurance/Gdpr form is always needed when you join Mosaic**


£32 Paper or £30 Online Mosaic Magazine 12 Months  (more than one copy may incur a higher cost for postage).  * With insurance £98 *plus auto-renewal on an annual basis.


£42 Paper Mosaic or  £30 Online Mosaic Magazine option **Please state clearly who it is from or membership number where possible  (more than one copy may incur a higher cost for postage).

If you are not yet receiving the magazine and you would like to –

Please note that you will need to become a member of Mosaic. *Membership/Insurance/Gdpr form needed when you join Mosaic.

Mosaic members receive the magazine three times a year

  • Firstly in Summer August
  • Secondly in Winter around December
  • Thirdly in Spring around April
  • *(or as near as possible)

In addition, all members are entitled to a free line in Mosaic Magazine’s directory of teachers

Subsequently a choice of(paper & online is offered, provided you teach Arabic/Middle Eastern/Belly Dance and are insured.

MOSAIC offers a wide range of services to its membership

Including performance opportunities at the very popular Performance Platforms. Also, there is a teacher and performer insurance scheme. Plus a discounted entry is offered for members to all the wonderful events that Mosaic sponsors on behalf of its members.

Inclusive costs can be found  on our Membership Form below

Download a copy of the membership form to hand out in class or give to a friend. Mosaic form

How much does membership cost?

Firstly within the UK
12 months £32 with paper magazine
Secondly, UK and everywhere £30 Online for 12 months outside the UK
Third option: 12 months £42.00 international with Paper magazine

So how much does Insurance cost then?

Similarly,  insurance is renewed in May alongside membership and is only valid and available with membership.  Firstly we work hard to offer you a bespoke Belly Dance insurance cover. Secondly, it should be noted that the cost is extremely low. Thirdly, our insurance is tailor-made for our dance genre.  Fourthly, our members are covered under our umbrella insurance. Fifth on the list, our umbrella cover is paid for per year and all subsequent cover to our members falls in line with this. Finally, the cost is £40 regardless of when you sign up for insurance in the year.

*Accurately, it should be noted that insurance with membership together costs £98

Firstly, insurance is negotiated in the UK only. Consequently, insurance is currently only available in the UK.

Secondly, we can still list international members as long as they are insured.

What do I get for my subscription:
Links and contacts through Mosaic with others in the Arabic dance scene
Regular issues of Mosaic Magazine, published end of August, end of December and end of April, with:
Details of dance courses and events
List of teachers in all areas
Articles of interest to Arabic dance followers
Free Diary listing in Mosaic Magazine
Advertising in Mosaic Magazine at reduced rates
Free line in Mosaic Magazine’s directory of teachers (if you teach Arabic dance & are insured)
If you are a teacher, the opportunity to join Mosaic’s Insurance Scheme at a price you could not find independently
Insurance cover at very competitive rates for performers (does not cover other genres or performances involving fire).
Reduced prices at Mosaic events

Note: Membership/Insurance/Gdpr form needed when you join Mosaic

We need a membership/insurance/gdpr form when you join

Membership/Insurance and GDPR
Advertising Form

Finally, what can MADN do for you as a member? We love to hear from you. Email: