Insurance For Mosaic Arabic Dance Network Members

Mosaic forms membership/gdpr/insurance

Belly Dance Insurance for Mosaic Arabic Dance Network Members is arranged for madn and is an umbrella cover under our policy.  The Mosaic Arabic Dance Network-UK Insurance Policy is a unique and invaluable scheme for anyone who regularly teaches Arabic /Belly Dance/ Tribal Dance in the UK. *It is valid for online teaching

Briefly, the MADN’s group policy provides the teacher WHO IS A PAID UP MEMBER OF MADN with public liability insurance with an indemnity limit of £5,000,000 subject to the insured’s contribution of £500 for each claim and a legal defence cost indemnity limit of £25,000.

The policy will cover you to teach at any suitable venue, including online and for regular classes, workshops, or a residential event. *It does cover you to teach children with terms and conditions see page 3 of the insurance agreement.

About our insurance policy and our aims to support our dance community.

When MADN was first formed in 1993 there were only about 50 members who were mostly from the Midlands and all the members and teachers were well known to each other.

Now, as the Mosaic Arabic Dance Network, the membership has grown significantly and comes from all over the UK and abroad.  It is recognized that styles or traditions of dance from different parts of the Arab World are very varied and MADN makes no attempt at a precise definition. However, it is not uncommon for someone to go to a few lessons and maybe pick up a couple of spectacular moves from a highly trained professional dancer. Then, after getting a few bookings as a dancer but with no other training in dance or teaching, the individual sets up as a teacher.

Unfortunately, such teachers will often have little knowledge of anatomy and exercise physiology (how the body works) and do not realise that the instructions they give to a class have the potential for causing injury.

MADN aims to address these issues with informed articles, training days, workshops and much more.

Insurance is about taking on known risks. This keeps the premiums low. Therefore, in order to obtain insurance under the MADN Teacher’s Insurance Scheme, you must be able to demonstrate that you have a sound knowledge of warm-up, teaching techniques and safety awareness and be able to teach safely, and carry out first aid if it is needed.

Conditions of Insurance Cover

It is your responsibility to ensure that you renew your membership with MADN-UK each May.
You will need to have the following at your classes:
Accurate records of class attendance
A Standard First Aid Box
A Current First Aid Manual
An Accident Book (to record details of any accident or injury with the names and addresses of 2 witnesses where possible)
You will be sent a copy of: “Fitness to Dance” Questionnaire. This is for you to photocopy so that at your regular classes and any workshops each of your students can complete it before joining the class. The completed forms are to be kept by yourself.
You will also be sent a copy of the most recent version of the “Events Safety Policy–MADN”. You are advised to read it carefully and, in all your classes and workshops, act as your own safety co-ordinator. It may prejudice any claim if an accident can be shown to have arisen because these recommendations were not adhered to.

You can also pay by Paypal.

Please return your completed application form preferably online to: Email:



Or by mail to Mosaic Insurance C/O: 2 St Anns Road, Barnes, London, SW13 9LJ