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Welcoming you to join our not-for-profit Arabic/Belly Dance Association and to write for our member driven magazine. We encourage our members to write for each other and invite guests for interviews and more where we can see a benefit to our dance family.

Firstly our next magazine is due out in December 2020, we are excited to bring you a bumper issue to see you through the winter.

What is coming out in the next Mosaic?

Watch this space…

A taster of what we have in a recent Mosaic first…

Not only do we have a vibrant article from Zara all the way from the streets of Cairo, we have articles from Uk members and more… But we also have two exclusive interviews.

In addition, we will have a personal interview with Yasmina of Cairo and one about Mahmoud Reda from Keti Sharif. Similarly, both Yasmina of Cairo and Keti Sharif have gone over and above to bring details about themselves. Whether or not you are interested in the roots of our dance or what is happening in Egypt today… Or indeed if you are interested in both, … This issue promises an insight into Cairo now and Mahmoud Reda respectively from Yasmina and Keti Sharif.

Secondly, if you want to write for the upcoming Spring Mosaic Magazine, we have a theme of Music in Belly Dance. Accordingly, we invite you to write about all the related aspects of our dance and music. Generally, we would like any articles relating to music in our dance. More specifically we invite articles from both dancers and musicians.

But of course, we accept any articles relating to our dance.

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Essentially, we ask that you adhere to copyright and cite references in your articles where appropriate.

Additionally, UK Copyright law is changing in January 2021. As a result, we ask that you please ensure you are aware of these changes.

Furthermore, we are here on hand to help with putting articles together and we will help edit anything that arrives for the magazine.

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