In Our Own Words

Mosaic interview with Yasmina

The image shows the title from the video of the documentary "In Our Own Words: The Cairo Dance Scene Explained" which is reviewed in Mosaic MagazineYasmina of Cairo and Belly Dancer Randa Kamel Picture to illustrate this Mosaic Post about 1. An interview with Yasmina of Cairo and 2.  "In Our Own Words: The Cairo Dance Scene Explained" Documentary

In Our Own Words: The Cairo Dance Scene Explained

In Our Own Words: The Cairo dance scene explained is reviewed in the upcoming Mosaic magazine. The magazine also includes an interview with Yasmina. Better known as Yasmina of Cairo or The English Rose of Cairo, this is an opportunity to gain some insight and hear first hand from this world-famous Belly Dancer. Within the upcoming magazine, you can read an exclusive Mosaic interview in which Yasmina talks of her Belly Dance journey. Don’t miss out Click here to subscribe to Mosaic!!

Included in the interview: Yasmina talks about her path to Belly Dance, challenges, business advice and living and working in Cairo. Furthermore, Yasmina is an astute businesswoman as well as a professional dancer. Helpfully Yasmina is also a professional photographer. Currently, she provides tailor-made Belly Dance tours to Cairo as well as one-to-one teaching. Find out more on her website:

“In Our Own Words: The Cairo Belly Dance Scene Explained”

The second of two related topics that will be covered in the upcoming Mosaic magazine is a review of the new Documentary: “In Our Own Words: The Cairo Belly Dance Scene Explained.” For updates Follow Yasmina on FaceBook

This is a current documentary, so much so that it is still being filmed. It is a logical follow on from her previous work, the film; “Journey of Desire” which came out about 12 years ago.

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