Advertise in Mosaic Magazine from £15!!

Advertise with Mosaic Arabci dance Network rates for the Magazine.

Amazing Mosaic Magazine Advertising rates!!

Firstly, to Advertise in Mosaic Magazine, we have a range of advert sizes and an exclusive package for 3 or more adverts. Price brackets include: £15, £25, £45, £70, £80, £140

Mosaic Arabic Dance Network

Secondly, Advertise in Mosaic Magazine today and enjoy our easy to use payment options which cover most bases.

Payment options


Baacs: Nat West: Sort Code 51 70 15         Account Number: 78531721

Cheques and postal orders: call 07949850322 for address.

Finally, if you would like to advertise in Mosaic and want to view more details click here or to discuss your advertising needs email the editor: or call +44 (o) 7949850322 and talk it through.

So call us today and we will help you place your ad!!

Although you may have an event you may not be quite sure how to put together an advertisement. In this instance, we are happy to discuss a way forward. Furthermore, if you need help and advice on advertising for your event feel free to contact

Amazing Advertising Rates!!


*or see button below

Baacs: Nat West:         Sort Code 51 70 15         Account Number 78531721

Cheques and Postal orders: call +44 (0) 7949850322

Advert Rates PayPal *Paypal charge a small handling fee

1/8th page £15.00 GBP
1/4 page £25.00 GBP
1/2 page 175 x128.5 mm £45.00 GBP
1/2 page 85.5 x 262 mm £45.00 GBP
Full Page £80.00 GBP
Double Page £140.00 GBP
Insert *provided by you £70.00 GBP

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