Do I need to do a special risk assessment for my Belly Dance class during Covid?

Risk assessments are essential and should be conducted prior to every class

BUT you must also do a risk assessment for returning safely under the Covid-19 circumstances. HSE GOV GUIDELINES UK 

  • Liaise with other relevant bodies and ensure adequate provision for safe return to dancing
  • Have a list of “what to do if … ” scenarios
  • Have adequate Covid-19 safeguards in place
  • It is vital to keep accurate records

Keep up to date and attend or provide education and training as required by guidelines

  • Read relevant information and consider watching videos on dance sites
  • Look at sites like the WHO training for covid-19.
  • We will put forward some updates on covid on the website and on social media when we see them

Apply protocols for health, safety and prevent where appropriate

  • Put in place contingency plans for the welfare and safety of yourself and others
  • For the safe return to dance and continued covid safe practices keep up to date on gov guidelines as these change over time
  • write a plan and conduct risk assessments
  • Consult with others and regulating bodies

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