How can we rebuild confidence for Belly dancers during Covid-19?

Rebuilding confidence for dancers during Covid-19

  1. It may take some time for people to return to dancing
  2. You may feel nervous to do so, for oh so many reasons…
  3. Start by talking with everyone
  4. Check all health and safety advice before each session
  5. Encourage others to be open about their feelings and concerns
  6. Consult everyone as part of your risk assessment
  7. If you can’t meet or dance, keep lines of communication open
  8. Work on confidence
  9. Consider visualizing movement where space is restricted as even that may be beneficial (and even fun!)
  10. This will take time and as we are uncertain due to the current crisis it is hard to make decisions on what is safe or not. But… you can work on communication and cohesion with your group, so whatever you all decide,  do it together and meet online if needed.

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