How to distance and belly Dance…

How to distance and belly Dance

So how do I go about creating a physical distance expectation?

  1. How to distance as you belly dance? Now that is a challenge! How do I do that?

In England, the RULE of 6 applies. So what does that mean and how do you Belly Dance and Distance at the same time?

How to distance as you Belly Dance…

Plan, prepare your class, practice mindfulness and put parameters in place
  1. The rule of six for Belly Dance classes… 

    Firstly, don’t have more than 6 in a class unless you can ensure that within the group people stay in groups of no more than 6. (where local and Gov guidelines allow) 

  2. Secondly: Plan your cases ahead of time and know the pitfalls 
  3. Thirdly: Prepare your class. Tell them the rules. Warn them to distance.
  4. Fourth on the list is to keep reminding the class to distance.
  5. Finally: Practice mindfulness bring your students to the present

Choreograph distance into your Belly Dance

  1. To follow covid rules. Draw temporary lines on the floor to guide belly dancers within distanced parameters whilst moving.
  2. Similarly, use choreographic devices such as the following: stretch out your arms and visualize a circle and dance inside it.
  3. Get creative and explore the element of space in your dance.
  4. Pull a rope or long sari between two people or a longer one for rows at a correct (for covid guidelines) physical distance and choreograph or don’t! Simply put, play with the concept!
  5. Develop a solo dance.
  6. Explore the issues that come up at this time

Another set of etiquette for belly dance at a distance

  • Naturally, it is always good to be courteous. Avoid shouting (always do that!) or raising your voice in class to limit the spread of larger droplets.
  • In the time you took to prepare the way you will develop the habit to clean as you go along. 
  • Since you will have sterilized props before giving them out, all that remains is for people to take turns, collect and return props… always maintain physical distance.
  • Always keep paperwork one sheet per person and don’t share. Create a system for handing out with minimum touch and distance kept at all times.
  • So what else can I do to Belly Dance at a safe distance?

  1. Use props that require ample space to use and unconsciously dancers will, hopefully, adhere to distance.
  2. Minimise movement, if necessary mark travelling steps out in place
  3. Allow one person at a time to perform in the hall/studio if travelling steps are to be learned and ensure distance. 
  4. Watch other people dance, this  is learning too this allows for a routine with travel to be shown in full with adequate distancing for home practice

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